Hello All.


Vibe & Rhythm Addict
Hey DnB Forum. I'm an 18 year old producer who has been producing for two years. I'm very passionate about music. Lots of it just speaks to my soul, and I love producing as well. Two years has given me enough knowledge to pump out somewhat above average tunes with a touch of my own style. But I'm constantly learning new things every day that slowly help me shape the sounds that I am looking to introduce to the scene.

Of the two years I've been producing, I've been focusing on dubstep. Started listening to dubstep in 2008 and was just overtook with the vibe and rhythm. Now recently, it's lost all of that, and is run by the brostep scene. It no longer moves me like it used to. I've been a listener of drum and bass much before dubstep and now I feel that I'm at a certain producing level where I can take on dnb.

I very much enjoy neurofunk, as well as sub genres like neurohop (as the 100bpm artists want it to be referred to as), glitch hop, and pretty much everything from moombah to garage.

I very much look forward to getting to know you all and learn as I continue on my producing career.


Check out my tunes.
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