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Hello everyone, I have being a member on dnbforum for a while and always popped on and lurked about reading and respecting the site but following a run in with one of your regulars on here I felt the need to pop on and say hello and clear the air. I don't expect this thread to be kept online long as I'm not a face on here but be sure to cut and paste it as this is a response to an unprovoked attack.

My message is to 1992 aka Jungletekno on youTube:
Your a good DJ from what I've seen but it doesnt afford you the right to attack people for no reason. When grabbing videos off me and then passing them off as stuff you have sourced yourself at least get the dates right blue. The event featuring the Cyborg was January not May. The MC was BASSMAN not Mad P whom I have met there at an earlier event after double dropping and I don't like verbal attacks off people for no reason. I don't mind sharing my stuff via youTube for all to view - that's why I don't add titles but your rewriting history when you get dates wrong.

As regards been a ****** collector as you choose to call me in your brave verbal attack with a lot of water between us please note I collect but also share. I don't add titles such as 1992 presents at the beginning and then try to get all large with comments about other people – its not nice fella so get a grip and let sleeping dogs lie. You’re a good DJ and I don’t know you so lets keep things on a level. I don't know you and you don't know me, best after your behavour if we keep it that way.

PS sorry folks but things needed saying and I'm not ducking out. I'll pop back and put a link up nearer August when the smoke has cleared as much of my event footage will be airing on BBC4 in a three hour history of dance special. I'm sure you will all enjoy it.
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