Hello Again, Headz

What's up guys; I actually frequented this forum a good deal about a year or two ago. At that time I was just learning the ins-and-outs of DnB production and music theory, while being mightily impressed with quite a few other posters here regarding their efforts. In fact there's a lot of them I need to get back in touch with.....but it's been so long :(

TBH the reason I stopped posting was because I hated where I was at that point regarding my production technique, and felt I was barking more than I bit. During the time away I've gradually improved my techniques and feel like I'm finally competent enough to know what I'm talking about, and feel ready to start pushing out some material. I'm very much inspired by the older stuff; joints off the Renegade label from back in the day, the Wormhole EP, some of Teebee's mid/late-90s stuff, Technical Itch's stuff, Dom and Roland, Goldie, Marcus Intalex and S.T Files (Love and Happiness has been on my radar almost daily for the past three months), etc. In fact almost everything from that golden era is in my pool of inspiration, and not just DnB; jungle, UK garage, latin house, a lot of the hip-hop in the style of Tribe Called Quest and Leaders of the New School, you name it.

So anyhow I just wanted to take a moment to say hi again to everyone and that I'll be posting more regularly again b/c I wanna see what I've been missing out on. I'm also on Facebook if you're interested; it's (literally) Mason John and I may be on the wrong side of the pond but my heart is in this 100%, so hit me up there as well. Thanks for taking the time to see this y'all :)