HellNegative - Monster (Looking for Remixers)

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    Nov 11, 2010
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    HellNegative - Monster

    I am looking for people to remix the track "Monster." Submissions are open to everyone and will be used on the next Top Dead Center Mix as well as featured on HellNegative.com, Urbane Radio, Kunnin Mindz Radio, and Edmerica.com radio.

    You can check out the original at http://soundcloud.com/hellnegative-1/hellnegative-monster-free-download .

    To those of you who do not use FlStudio, you can download your remix pack at http://www.hellnegative.com/downloads/HellNegative_Monster_Stems2.zip.

    If you do use FlStudio, you can download and open http://www.hellnegative.com/remixes/Monster_Remix_Pack.zip.

    You can submit your remix to http://soundcloud.com/hellnegative-1/dropbox !