Hellllllooooooo there !!!!!!!!!!

I`m never any good at these things!!!
Right my name is Sweetie i`m a relatively big DnB fan, love my dark side i.e Noisia,Teebe,Wickaman etc but still like the jump up which is how i got into my DnB,
I co-run an internet TV/Radio station which i wont tell you all about on here, im sure you will find out more from me later.
I have 2 children J-K 9yrs old and Keilie 6yrs old, both DnB Groovers too!!
I live in Bournemouth home to some fantastic DnB promotors.
I have the most fantastic B/F in the whole wide world Dubya who mixes DnB amongst other styles.
Ermmmmmm and thats it for the moment, hope to be chatting with some of you soon :D

Sweetie xx