Heist Bass


Jun 12, 2009
Hi Guize, just wonderin if anyone can give me any tips on creating that dirty, squelchy, lovely bass sound heist uses in tunes such as 'ambush' and 'Sucka Beats'.

Yeh Heists b-lines are big... but yet again... why would you want that sound??? thats Heists sound??

Your better off playing around with your synths and getting a b-line thats unique to yourself.... then pushing that sound.... then at least you know your pushing your own sound instead of pushing a variation of Heists sound??
true true, but it's also nice to know how other producers approach there b-lines. In this case you can work on your distortion and bitcrushing techniques...
yeh... it definatly is good to see how producers make theirs... but how do you think they made their b-lines? by copying someone else?? or by playing around on their synths till they got something they liked??
yeah you got a point there bruv...

just give it a go man.... im sure you probably already have... but i have bassline presets that have taken me many years to get right just tweaking them here and there to get a sound that i know is mine and no one else is using... i have a few other basic presets that i know i can add various distortions, fx etc over to beef it up a bit.... i dont write Jump-Up but its really not that hard to get a good sounding jump up bass.... just piss about.... eventually you will get a nice sound that you really like... and will be a whole lot more satisfying knowing youve just made that up instead of knowing youve made something off the back of someone elses hard work....
yeah man I know, it's really nice if you just made something out of scratch knowing it's yours. You're totally right(+1000), I really got your back on this one... It wasn't even me who ask the question about the 'heist' bass, I wouldn't even do that. But I can understand if somebody wants to know about how that sound is made...
i agree with rocksteadyuk, although it is good to have knowlege of how other artists create their sig sound, there's no point copyin it. Just fuck around wiv ur synths until u get that sound that ur lookin for. could take days, weeks, months bt wen u find it, its the most satisfying thing eva (well nearly haha)
well thanks for all the relpies guize :not_worth and yeah, im not gonna rip off his bass sound, i just wanted to know how its done, y'know? I think its cool to be able to make a sound you have heard on other tracks, just to play around with it.

thanks again :wave:
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