heel up or heel down?


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Hi guys.

I've always been a heel up player, it's always felt more natural to me. I have a double pedal, though I've never been very good with it at all. I want to build and develop my heel down technique, hoping that will improve my pedal chops and playing over all. But it's been really slow going. Part of the problem is the muscle groups used are so different. Any advice on exercises I can do to build these up?
I'd love ideas that I can do at my desk at work.
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I use to play drums in school and the one thing I would do was see how fast I could tap my feet on the floor with my heel down, at first you can probably do it fast but not for very long just keep doing it and after a while it will build the muscles up and its good for doing things like triplets and short bursts of speed but playing anything longer than I bar I would suggest playing heel up and as long as you don't tap the floor to loud then it will be okay practicing at work if you can't control how loud you tap get some kind of padding like a cloth or something and put under your feet, hope this helps