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Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by Time Dependant, Oct 16, 2004.

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    Easy all not sure how many of you guys use Heavyweight Soundz for hosting mixes or uploading tracks, but you may want to read this which was posted recentley. So if you had problems with FTP's then this could be why.

    There have been a few posts about the FTP problems that we are encountering. Here is a post that I sent to try and clear the air a bit:

    "Well it seems that there are a few angered people. Here's the issue at hand: we are currently trying to take some registered members out of the site as part of the quality control scheme so that the music is up to standard. This means listening to people's works. That is what has been slowing us down with accepting people--the site is oversubscribed. Please remember that we are not a hosting site. We are trying to build a talented community of new artists rather than allow people to use our webspace to link their productions in personal marketing. Please try to understand that we are building a working and interactive community and not a pool of unsatisfactory works. Thanks for your time and we are trying our best for the community to blossom."

    I hope that this makes things clearer,