DnB Heavy Neurofunk Mix 2017 - Free Download

Double U

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Dec 8, 2015
Hey folks!

It's time again for a new mix! As always with 3 decks and high pace. I tried to keep the energy level up, therefor I played drop after drop. Focus on Neurofunk, most of the tracks are kinda new.

Kursiva & Impak - Transpose
Disphonia - All Ears ft. Kryptomedic
Hanzo, Inward & Randie - Dirt
Merikan - Infobesity
Merikan - Untameable
Gydra - Primitive Instinct
Gydra - Problem
L 33 - Clublife (Prolix Remix)
L 33 - Bloodbrain
State of Mind - Time Slip ft. Kryptomedic
State of Mind - Giant
Zombie Cats - Dimension
State of Mind - Jesus Overload ft. Nuklear MC
ChaseR - Prolegomenon
Gridlok & Hybris - Bad Mouth
ChaseR - Isometric
Chris.SU - Complexity
Phace & Mefjus - Swerve
Signal - Lavender
BCee & S.P.Y - Is Anybody Out There (The Vanguard Project Remix)


I would be pleased to receive feedback. Thank you!

Double U

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Dec 8, 2015
Hello again!

After some people wanted to download the mix but did not have a Soundcloud Account or did not want to follow the hypeddit steps, I'm giving the mix away for free download via Soundcloud. I just wanted to try it out with hypeddit and to get to know new ways of promotion.
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