Hearing yourself in a club



Sometimes playing out I can truly hear nothing and feel im almost guessing if tunes are beatmatched. It really throw my confidence by probably comes from being used to playing at home with a rokit 6 at ear level.

I hate having to just mix in the cans.

Is it a case of trusting my instincts rather than always looking for that matched beat for reassurances?


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Dec 19, 2008
Common problem. Sadly you have to use headphones if the booth doesn't have suitable monitors.
You may see a delay in the sound coming back to you in some environments, making your mixes pretty sloppy.
If it takes an extra second for the sound to come back, you're reacting a second too late, taking it out of the mix a second late, switching eq a second late etc etc ... its not cricket.
Practise with just your headphones. Sometimes you have no other option unless you want to suck.

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Jul 2, 2018
Yeah man you gotsta use earplugs and the headphones with no bass on and match using the mid and treb range because otherwise you are trying to beat match with a soundwave that is being projected away from you in most cases and even if the monitors are super accurate you will still hear or at least perceive the main speakers after the monitors because of how the bass comes back at you from the floor and if the high end is not that defined like it isnt with some older dnb you are going to train wreck. In smaller venues sometimes people at the front/near the booth can hear monitors if you cueing a track or pissing about scratching the track back and forwards on the 1 during a breakdown or quiet part and that is shitty but it is a bit easier to use monitors only if you have a visual reference like on cdjs traktor etc and you have prepared your tracks properly.
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