Hazard / Devize & 3A - Subconscious / Searcin network


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Jan 30, 2002
One great tune and one that's quite disappointing on this slab.
Hazard brings the goods in the form of "subconscious" which is a moody stepper with some really nice jumpy beatwork and sparse bass. Hazard uses his trademark bleak strings for the intro, then the dark stabs fly in and the beats commence! A real nice tune for those who like it a bit deeper and darker.
Devize & 3A's tune failed to hit the spot for me. It's OK for home listening but being a BIG 3D mode fan it shocked me in that it lacked the total mental sounds of all their great tunes in favour of a very simple structure and conventional sounds. Fear not though, with "depth charge" and the amazing "analysis EP" coming soon they'll have the heads turning. I'm not sure this track will do much for their reputation though.
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