Haven't made a tune in ages... finally managed to finish this

Bart Barnes

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Jul 2, 2018

I like the sounds and sun sample you have used but I think this should be slowed and made into dubstep becuase this sort of electro wob will sound better at that tempo. Or at halftimr the whole first drop and change the lfo rate a small amount so its not exactly 3/16 or whatever so it gets a bit wonky. The second drop would be better without the bassline building before it. The fill you have done is nice. The sub stab you have is good when it is playing more than one note but when it is just hitting the same note on the 1 it could use some automation in the intro and when the wobble is on. Nice mixable intro and outro.


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Oct 18, 2006
Manila, Philippines.
Hey Bart,

Thanks for taking the time to listen and leave feedback.

I thought about doing a half time second drop just to change it up but decided against it because I just wanted to get it done so went with the Lazy option of just repeating the first drop. At least this way it got finished... at least until I decide to revisit it later, which I tend to do lol



Nov 23, 2013
Hi, I m listening to it with normal earphone on the train now, so can't say too much about mixing now , but it sounds pretty banger :) like the drum patterns, good movement of the bass.
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