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    Jun 14, 2005
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    DJ Revere presents another thursday of airwave pollution with the newly renamed show The Sounds of Sub-Bass !

    the usual score will be taken with 2 hrs of tight mixin and the odd bit of scratchin to cap everything off

    get locked @ www.cc-radiostation.net the foremost up'in'comin new web radio station broadcasting 24/7 round the world wit a score of international DJ's and guest shows from big names !

    Be sure to register for the forums and log in to get loads of mixes, info and general banter !

    Winamp - http://cc-radiostation.ic-stream.nl:7280/listen.pls

    Real Player - http://www.cc-radiostation.net/listen.ram

    Windows Media - http://www.cc-radiostation.net/listen.asx