have a listen to this one, and give me some more advice

Discussion in 'Production' started by iandys, Jun 19, 2009.

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    I'm working on a tune, very ravy tune, but it's absolutely not finished yet. Lot's of things still have to change. I'm now 4 months in producing music with reason. I learnt a few things so far, but I have some issues with mixdowns and compressing, sidechaining too I think
    This is my Second song I'm working on. Listen to it, give some advice about what I should do and what I certainly should not do.
    The how question may also be answered in REASON - language because I'm only a beginnaaah.

    Thanks dogzzz for the listen-effort and respons effort!

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    ok man here is my advice. work on the build up to the drop maybe add some drums to the intro. the bassline is sick ass fuck i think. good job with that. beef the snare up a lil man imo. but good for your sec. track. keep at it bro
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    yeah good effort, the structure is there and you obviously have an understanding of d n' b, what i would do is lose the very long piano riff, it need to be shorter and more catchy, it need's to have a hook that you hear and is catchy, if you are going for a piano type vibe then if you used Alix Perez "Melanie" as an example you will see that it is quite a short piano/hook, short and uncomplicated.
    Also the piano and the beats and the bass don't really gel, if you took the piano sample out you would have a nice roller, take the beats and the bass out and it could be something really far out and not designed for the floor (judging from the beats i assume this is where it is directed).
    I am not sure how you put the tune together but a good way is (and you might already do this) is to have a loop of the heaviest part of the tune on cycle for a bar, and then play something over that with either the piano or some pads or atomspherics and you will soon find something that fits the main part of the tune and sounds right.
    please pm me a link to the tune if you do some changes.