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Burns Easily in the Sun
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It's got a nice chilled out vibe to it, and the synths aren't to bad. However, there are some issues that have to be worked out:

1. BPM. Honestly, I think if this track was bumped up 174-176 I'd be feeling it a bit more. And I think it could benefit from the faster speed IMO.

2. Repetition. The tune is extrememly repetitive. You need some varyation in your arrangement: some drum fills, some fx, risers, downers, sweeps, etc. Every 16 beats should introduce something different, whether it's a crash or crash FX, anything. The riff needs some variety as well, try experimenting with the same key but rearrange the midi notes a bit.

3. Drums. The drums groove, but they're lacking some serious punch and percussive elements. Perhaps adding a couple more breaks and layered snares will add the "umph" they need.

Overall, it's a very unique track that you have got started, and it's a skeleton to start to flesh out a bit.



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lol that latest track, i was listening it and watching at your smile at nick, that dancing guy with costume :DD awesome but too monotonic