Has anyone tried this?


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Oct 21, 2008

Seems a little too good to be true..

I've been mucking around with a midi controller for a few months now and got bored of it so I think I'm gonna move to vinyl.. Can't decide if I want to buy just decks plus mixer and starting buying vinyl and get my skills up or to spend a bit more and get this/torq/serato.. After a while I think i'd go to serato anyway cos I don't have the money to continuously buy vinyl. Thoughts?
no it sounds a bit dodgy i rekon lol
i've used a DVS at a rave where i live tho and it's unreal imo.
the only reason i didnt buy cdj's was because i like the feel of vinyl and this solves that problem really, i'm gonna buy my own in august and i can't wait tbh. apparently traktor scratch pro have the best timecoded vinyl ya can get or something like that, i was watching a vid on youtube about it
i tried something similar to this briefly before buying traktor scratch. if you're going to do it then you need a better soundcard than the maya 44 imo. i found it lagged and i never got it up and running to a standard where i could mix. A decent amount of ram is essential too. DVS is sick when it works nicely though
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