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Have you heard AriSawkaDoria music before?

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    Has anyone heard the drummer of Pendulum, KJ Sawka, with his other band AriSawkaDoria? No? Then now is your time to drop some A.S.D. in your music player and groove to this album. I highly recommended all D&B heads to check out the music created live by KJ Sawka on the drums/electronics, Ari Joshua on guitar/electronics, and Joe Doria on the mighty Hammond B3 Organ/Keys.

    "Three of the Seattle underground music scene's most innovative and celebrated artists have joined forces to create a new sound combining the sound of tru-jazz, jungle beats, rock and dub. Their self-titled debut is produced by Santana drummer Michael Shrieve. AriSawkaDoria is the defining spirit of Seattle's underground live music scene: their combination of jungle, jazz, rare groove, dub and improv transcends all preconceived notions of what is possible with electric groove music. Dance enthusiasts and jazz heads will both revel in the rhythmic intensity of AriSawkaDoria's explorations."

    If for some reason you haven’t heard the music of KJ Sawka’s band Pendulum. Or his solo music

    If you like to Rock out check out the music of Ari Joshua’s Big High.

    Now if you like to groove your Funky Soul, check out the music of Joe Doria’s McTuff.

    And if you like to shake to rhythms of experimental Latin Jazz Rock check out Michael Shrieve’s Spellbinder.
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