Has anyone got experience with Novation sythesizers?

Discussion in 'Production' started by prettyherb, Jun 6, 2013.

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    Would like to know if this is any good when producing dnb.. Ofcourse all the guys from the shop will tell me it's fantastic and so on but that's only cuz they want to sell stuff!

    So if anone has tried this before and can tell me if it's any good. I see u can modify the presets and make your own sounds of it and save them. But how far goes that? I can imagine you can't keep modifying or am i wrong?

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    Maybe see if you can try it out in person, wouldn't buy a synth if you don't have hands on experience with it tbh, to see if you actually like working with it.
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    It's quite a nice synth TBH. Great sound quality, keys and the vocoder is quite lovely as well. The software integration is nice, as it lays out all the modules of the synth on the screen for you...however...

    There are two extremely important things you need to consider before purchasing the synth:
    1. One of my gripes with this synth, like many other similar synths, is that there is a bit of menu digging and button pushing to be done when accessing parameters (OSC rather than having a full stock of dedicated knobs, switches etc. I'm also a realist, so I understand that implementing the full set of pots, sliders, etc. would exponentially increase the cost of the unit.

    2. My second issue, and this is a HUGE issue, is that there is a very noticeable amount of latency when utilizing the pitch wheel to bend notes–something I've never encountered with a synth before. Perhaps it's a calibration/firmware issue, but it was enough to make me question whether or not to purchase it.

    Again, it's a great polyphonic synth and you can't beat the price. To add, it's bundled with Automap so you can control the stock plugins of you DAW (Works well with Logic, seamlessly with Ableton) in addition to several 3rd-party Plugs. If you decide to buy it, just be sure to hold onto your receipt or get a "buyer protection" or "extended care coverage" to protect your investment.

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    Never tried out the ultra nova. But I can tell my experience with the X-Station, wich I own since 2005, it's an still contemporary synth. Extremely good for basslines and some real fat rece... With resampling and a bit of post processing it make my best synth. I even prefer it to my Korg Radias and MS2000... Quick and intuitive. With well positioned controllers.
    Good value for money.
    Very very good for DnB whobbly sounds.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Talking about presets modify.. You can modify as many times as you want.
    You can even create your bank if presets and save them as a SysEx in your computer. Every sound program in SysEx it weight no more than 300 kb... Think about your hard drive in Gb or Terabites... How many programs you can save??? Then when you whish to recall them, connect your midi out soundcard from PC to the midi IN of your synth, open the SysEx and transfer to the Novation... I never lost a patch... Same with any other synths... That also why they invented MIDI!!!
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    I have owned the Nova for a few years now. Its worth its price (I got it for around 300 euros) and I mostly use it for pads, the 2xsupersaw waveform option is actually pretty nice. Mod matrix isnt bad either. The synth doesnt give you anything special, but works and sounds sweet which ismore than enough for me.
  6. logikz

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    i had the novation bass station and its awesome but if you dont know how to resample and dont have an e-mu to do so with you can forget it. (you dont really need an emu its just an example you will need a powerful sampler)