Hardware Vs Headz / One Nation - What ya sayin?


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We went to Hardware Vs Headz at the Coronet.

Arrived around 22:30 to hear the mighty Q-Project from Total Science warming things up. He played a tune with a 'bongoy' style knocking which dropped into this disgusting subby switch up! :slayer:

Stepping up after was Bad Company (Maldini / Vegas), dropping one of my favourite tunes of the moment, 'Get The Fuck Up!' by Hazard. This set was fairly short making way for Metalheadz diva, Storm.

She dropped plenty of Metalheadz plates, we decided to check out the Renegade Recordings room at this point, it was very quiet up there, as was the Hip Hop room.

When we arrived downstairs the mighty Pendulum had stepped up, we joined their set as they dropped the new remix of Digital Nation's 'Submarines', the crowd went crazy! El Hornet played a heavy set full of nasty b-lines and bad boy beats. One tune in particular stood out for me, but I cannot remember how it went :lol:

Up next was the golden one, Goldie! This set was full to the brim of mashed up beats, sickening basslines, short rap snippets, and evil pads / strings. I know Triple M was feeling one tune in particular, probably won't be out for centuries!

DSCI4 owner Trace stepped up next, nasty futuristic beats were the order of the day, as Trace mixed n' blended only as he knows how.

By this time (02:30), we felt the venue was about as busy as it was going to get. The dance floor was about 2/3 full, and the rest of the main arena was quite sparse, so we decided to hit the road for the 2 hour journey home.

Was very tough staying awake in the car this time, not sure why!

Finally, the Funktion One system sounds heavy, and I would definitely recommend checking it out!

Big up to Clayton, Chris, and Sarah at TOV, good night! Looking forward to the next one.. :applause:


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that sounds fantastic. im not happy to have missed that and i miss every event in england all the time.