Hardware last night!


This is Dog Fort
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Nov 29, 2001
OH GOSH :slayer:

Proper heavy night out there! Best sets for me were Friction, Dylan, and Trace.

Keaton was pretty badd too! To put it simply, everyone just rinsed it, bo!

Set times, as I try to remember ...

10-11 Raiden B2B Damage
11-12 Ink
12-1 Grooverider
1-2 Friction
2-3 Dylan
3-4 Keaton
4-5 Trace
5-6 Ed Rush

Plague remix, some new mutationz remix, mass hysteria! One bad thing was the amount of times How Dare You, T-10, and the new Mo Fire remix got played, quit it DJs!

If anyone knows what Dylans 2nd to last choon wuz (before "The Legend"), let me know!! Perhaps Dylan will see this?

The End just gets better, Im sure Mr Korbee will get his piccies online real soon, inta inta!


Mar 4, 2002
Was a wicked night, all the DJ's had good sets, Ed Rush keeping me going right till the end of the night. DJ's definately need to stop rinsing the same tracks though, thought this would be one night I wouldn't hear it but got the same Nitrous, Mo Fire, How Dare You rinse outs as normal.


This is Dog Fort
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Nov 29, 2001
"Welcome to the Renegade Hardware Webcast with some dark, rolling breaks from the highly respected Drum n'Bass label. The DJ's featured in the webcast will be GrooveRider, Ink, Dylan, Trace, Ed Rush, Raiden & Friction plus a host of others. We are broadcasting in Real G2 for improved audio and visual you will need Real Player 8 or higher to view the webcast."

Full stream

Ed Rush preview

Trace preview

Booooooooo :slayer:
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