HArdware is now cheaper than Software


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Sep 29, 2005
Somewhere over the flyover
I just got an Akai s2000 for £40
and it still shits on software samplers.
Man for £200 you can get S6000 or Emu equivilaent

Got a Roland Reverb top of range for £130

jesus ..where dem Nord modulars on ebay now !!!
Where did you manage to pick one up for £40??

I have seen them before second hand but ranging from about £150 to £200...

Sounds like you got yourself a bargin mate.
I have been eyeing up a few Microkorg's on Ebay...

It's tempting, but I'm just going by good reviews, I have never actually used one.

When I get my arse in gear I'm going to pop round a mates house to have a play about with his Novation Supernova. They are supposed to be wicked.
It's totally mental isn't it!!

I've sold off loads of old drum machines & stuff for hardly anything, & at work there's an Akai sitting unloved on the floor, waiting for Ebay :(

I've not looked recently but I hear the 303 still costs some serious dollar. That thing will never die!
if you want a 303 get the xbxox, i think you have to build it yourself but from what i hear its waaay cheaper, if you want a 303 that is.

another idea if you want a 303 is to get the novation bass station which does a really good 303

there is a website doing comparisons and i used to think rebirth could do a really good emulation but compared to the real thing its the crippled faded imaginary cartoon cousin of the 303, the comparison is just scary
the price of studio hardware is rediculously low at the min over the past few months i got

tascam da20 dat recorder (perfect condition) - £22.50
rca spectrum analyzer (rack mount marks only) - £6.50

synths will allways hold a good price the trick is to get something before it gets to vintage ie about a year after it comes out and everyone is selling them to get the next new bit of kit after about 2 or 3 years after release synths tend to go up in price
Jokes - i [picked up a TC Finalizer 48k for £300 incl postage...but now need some time to work it out proper, as it has some great presets if you want to make pop ...
but man the sound you get out of it...wait until I have sussed it proper

as for learning hardware...takes a while, but something liek an Emu is really easy, and once you have it sussed, its better,more flexible more powerful and sounds so much better.
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