Hardstep..... I suck!

Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by 1992, Mar 20, 2007.

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    I'm really getting off to listening to Hardstep DnB from 1996 at the moment.

    At the time I really fucking hated this shit. I thought it was so evil, boring, dull, and complete crap! I can understand how why I thought that and this way of thinking makes sense to an extent.

    I wanted to hear happy amen tracks with wicked sounds and chipmonks. Unfortunatly I missed the boat on that as by the time I started going out that sound was over and done with. Yet that is THE sound I wanted to hear and nothing else would do.

    Unfortunatly because I thought this way I couldn't appreaciate the Hardstep sound that was all the rage. I bought one or two records in this style just for the hell of it but I never appreaciated it much.

    I was digging out some 94/95 records for youtube mix and I came across my old hardstep records. Like I said I don't have much.... I have MidtownMethod, Whatsup, and some others like Droppin' Science Safari Sounds. Not much but something clicked and I think that these were the greatest things ever. Now I'm really pissed that I didn't buy more of these.

    I can see these aren't as interesting as 1993 tracks but theres something to these 96 Hardstep tracks that certainly makes them worth while, enjoyable and interesting.

    So yeah, thats my rant. If anyone in the USA has Hardstep DnB records from ~96 that they want to unload, let me know, I'll bite...... hard!

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    check discogs, they got everything