Hardcore/Old Skool Jungle Vinyl Sale

Madison Thorne

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May 1, 2016
Just liquidating the last of my vinyl collection. Below is what I have left for sale. Reply here or message me with what you may be interested in and i'll hit you back with a price. Lots welcome. Priced to move, fully negotiable and no discogs inflation. Lots of these are Mint/unplayed and there is nothing below Excellent. Upon request I
can give you conditions. Thanks!

Also, based in California. Domestic shipping is FREE. To UK and rest of world is as low as I can get it.

2 bad mice - kaotic chemistry lp (sm:(e)
2 bad mice - like it deep 12"
asylum - da base ii dark
basic movements - jelly/bubble&wine
bay b kane presents survival techniques vol. 1 lp
code k (bay b kane) - hoppa/if you believe 12" (test press w/l)
defender - feel it (remixes)
dj red alert & mike slammer - ruffer!!!/gotta release
dj teebee - instant irradification 12"
doube h productions - the swingin in the trees ep
dune - too much 12"
e-sassin - symptom/firing squad ep
e-sassis - genome/future shock 12"
flex classics - flex cl007 (l double)
flex classics fl05 - l double 12"
foul play - being with you (remixes)
hard disk - dubplate business 1 - e.k.u.c.d.m (feat. how dark it is remix,)
jungle bizznizz - volume one lp (feat. only release of Dj Trace - Definition Of Living)
loa-vibe - climax ep
mc jay j & devious d - different styles ep (feat. It's Too Dark track)
naughty trax vol .1 (rugged 6)
nolige - sci wax 007 12" (rare!)
shabba - let's get it on (jungle remixes by shy fx, goldie & dillinja)
simon bassline smith - intent ep
sm:)e - sm 9013-0 - ny jungle ep
soundmurderer & sk-1 - stylee/fathom
special red and mad dog - body, mind & soul/rumbled (test press/baby blue vinyl, 150 copies only)
suburb base & moving shadow present - the joint lp
test pressing - dj mayhem - stormtrooper 12" (straight from basement phil, never released)
test recordings (lemon d) - static / rapture
trouble on vinyl - code of the streets (4xlp)
two thumbs - 4 (feat. virtual reality 1)
vip 001 - black (john b remix)/ma2 (ray keith remix) - formation

Madison Thorne

New Member
May 1, 2016
Sold. 4 pieces left :

Down syndrome squad - basement sarcacid

Bongoloids - slackjawed in Eden.com

Senseless - mindrape 2x12"

The fuck you's - I'm telling mom (re-edit) 7"

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