Drum & Bass (Hard Jump-Up D&B) "Black Adam" by FUTURE PRIMITIVE NZ

Not a bad tune, but I think it needs some work still.

First off, the pad in the beginning sounds too simplistic to me. Especially the way it is alternating.

Also I think the main lead sound (bwah) needs a little more character. Maybe experiment with corpus/reverb/chorus etc.

The acid style sound with the massive top end is kind of annoying and takes up too much real estate in the mix in my opinion. At least give it a break from time to time.

The fanfare style sound you have at 1:13 for example is awkward, too. Either cut it out completely or pronounce it in a significant manner.

The sub wobble at 1:04 for example is cool but should be more pronounced. Maybe you solve that by just working on that acid sound.

Other than that I think it's a pretty good tune.

Keep it up, mate.