hard d&b mix - brand spanking new tunes


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Jun 16, 2003
adelaide, australia
Ive done a new mix for kaizen, chucked in a load of new tunes and thought I may as well put a couple of tracks from me local boys (hooligan soul and d-jon & skyver, from adelaide) on there too.


Ranges from bouncy stuff to a lot darker toward the end…

Hooligan Soul feat. Lexy – Get Some
C4C – Bedhead
Ecco & Sabotage – Rise Up
Hazard – Evac Q8
Baron – Channel X
<Hazard – Rubber Chicken>
Clipz – Cuban Links
Keaton – Influence
Alpha Omega – Bootcamp
Mozus – I Like it Rough
Johnny L – Lets Roll
Pendulum – Trail of Sevens
Danny C – Ductape
AK1200 v Dom&Roland – Lycan
Clipz – Voodoo Step
Kryptic Minds – The Gift
Tech Itch & Dylan – The Legend
Keaton – Plague (Trace rmx)
Keaton – Invisible Man
<Militia – Music for the Masses>
Cujo – Biters
B Key – Final Conflict
<Dillinja – Silver Blade>
D Jon v Skyver – Air Raid

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