Happy New Year! :D

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    We've had a hectic time the last few weeks, getting music ready for peoples NYE sets, just about managed to get 5 days rest in, but now we're back in business :D

    Mixing and Mastering slots are available from today (limited availability this week and next), get your bookings in quick, we are anticipating things to get busy in the run up to Easter (i know i know..xmas is only just over :p )

    0203 290 2321 - leave a voicemail with contact details if no-one answers, as we're probably in the studio, we'll reply asap (leave a preferred call time if you have one)

    masters_at_subsymmetry_dot_com - for non-urgent bookings and people who don't like phones :p

    or you can private message me to :) dnbforum members that have been a member for over 1 year get an automatic £5 discount on master :eek:

    News: Lots of upgrades going on in our mastering chain at the moment, including an amazing Passive-Tube program EQ, VCA buss compressor and a custom Mid-Side Compressor; all of them custom built by John based legendary hardware

    They are tools we use already as software/DSP versions, but it was time to get the "real" thing, we're sure you'll be pleased with the results!

    Heres to an amazing 2016 - bigup!