Multi Genre HAPPY CHRISTMAS GUYS ! Oyé Oyé , this is my drum n bass genre ever !

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    Dec 25, 2014
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    I spent all my time, my love and my spirit producing a track.
    I think I innovated from producing, mixing, and mastering, if you have any questions, critics, let me know !

    Actually, I've been producing for 3 years some electro house/pop/boomboomdance (since I'm 13) and I stopped for about 1 year and a half.
    During this break, I listened lots of varied music, and my tastes grew from commercial "shits" to OMG MIND IN MOTION.

    Anyway who cares ?

    So I'm like a "smurf" who is about to restart entering the producing world.

    This is my first DnB track, and it's a remix for a contest ! The deadline is 11 January, and since I'm on it from the begining, working all the hours I can, I want my music to be PERFECT, help me please :( <3.

    I'll post the final result in another soundcloud account (that I'll create) because this one is my listening one.

    I hope you're enjoying your Christmas and New Year,

    Love, from France.