Happy 23rd Birthday Stu !!

missrepresent said:
Mr Sdm Is 23 Today

Big Up And Much Love To You Hunny

You Make Me Smile So We Gonna Show Our Love 2 U

Love And Respect

X X X X X X X Xx X X X X X X X X
I think we'll bump this thread up in General for the day since it's the "architects" birthday..

Thank you Aliina ;]


Have a good one matey :2thumbs:
:cake: many ’appy returns buddy!

Go an celebrate - Pimp Style tonight!

an as for being over the hill, Freeagent- Bollox, its now that people will start taking you more seriously!

its when you get to 24 that you should start shitting yourself (i only got 3 months left! :( )
23 eh? and you take the piss out of me for being old!! ;)
Although I must say I aint looking forward to turning 27 in a few weeks time :rinsed:o_O
Happy birthday mate :)

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