Hanover - Deep D&B Mix

Hanover - Deep D&B Mix

Download here: http://www.dubstep-mixes.co.uk/drum-bass-mixes-dnb-dj-mix/hanover-dnb-promo-mix-april-2013/

Listen/ Download here: https://soundcloud.com/https%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fhanover_music%2Fhanover-dnb-promo-mix-april


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Om Unit & Sam Binga – Electric Riddim [Exit]
Ruffhouse – Demand [Ingredients]
Arclight – Judas (Gremlinz Remix)
Pessimist – Ceaseless [Samurai]
Instra:mental – Thugtronik [Exit]
Paragon – Heirship [Samurai]
Hanover – Gobi [Dub]
Alix Perez – The Observer [Invisible]
V.I.V.E.K – Over My Head (Om Unit Remix) [System]


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Enjoying this. Nice and dark. Just my thing at the moment. I'm listening while doing other things, so I'm a bit distracted, but sounds like it's mixed well, EQing and everything. Nothing's made my head jerk up at least! What are you mixing on out of curiosity?

Edit - Yes. Definitely liked that. Nice not too long mix, not too short mix of good tunes. Ideal. Big up.
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Re: Hanover - Deep D&B Mix

Liking that tracklist Hanover!

Using Electribe Riddim for an intro was nice, then bringing Demand in where you did complimented the initial colab very well. The beats in both tunes working a treat together. Must start playing Demand more myself as you have reminded me how good that is. Judas rmx made its appearance a fair while from the second drop of Demand. Enjoyed hearing that for the first time & the new beat that it brought to the ride & when Ceaseless started to kick, those two sat nicely together. Loved hearing the subtle industrial flavours of Thugtronik whispering into the choppy beat of Ceaseless. Heirship sounding wicked in the ride. Had heard this once before, but had forgotten how good it was / is. The metallic pots and pans beats in Gobi was a stark contrast to the similar stomping beats of Heirship before. Nice one for playing The Observer in the ride too. Sat very well with Gobi and is such an overlooked Perez tune, subtly monstrous. Been loving that Over My Head rmx the last few weeks too... makes for a sweet ending tune, and works well off the back of The Observer. Just would have liked to hear OMH rmx come in before The Observer started to tail off, but thats only a minor note and personal way that I like to heard mixes go.

Wicked mix for a Friday or at anytime really. Respect for recording a mix of this style of dnb. A few heads on here have mentioned before that there isn't many people representing this sub genre much, so its nice to see more getting stuck in, which I have a lot of time for. Skwiff has already mentioned the EQing and mixing being sharp, and I must mirror those sentiments.

Would appreciate if you could have a listen to my Numerical mix if you have a spare half an hour HM, ez