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    Tracks updated every week and all available for FREE download from: www.handpickedproductions.com

    Below are all current release. Please feel free to download. If you use any of these tracks in mixes or out live please post up any recordings that you may have!


    Round Your Feet | Handpicked & Leon Rhymes

    Written, produced & Master by Charles Smith and Matt Sargent
    Vocals Leon Rhymes

    Inspired by a loop made by J-King, a loop long forgotten about until resurrected by Charles and Matt to provide the backbone for this funk get- your -booty -on- the -floor experience. Leon Rhymes, captivated by the rhythm, loosens his vocals all over this track. Enjoy!


    Lifeless | Handpicked
    Written & produced by Daniel Potter, Charles Smith & Adam Aguiar.

    Starring Sir David Attenborough, this Electro-house-bassline slamma is gonna make your body shake, taking you swinging and stomping through the jungle. Cut straight out of the book of jungle, a single dose of ‘Lifeless’ is sure to turn you into a wild party animal! Enjoy.


    Ain't Hard | Kate Tempest & Handpicked ft. Sophie Brown
    Vocals written and performed by Kate Tempest and Sophie Brown
    Written and produced by Adam Aguiar, Charles Smith and Daniel Potter Mixed and mastered by Charles Smith and Daniel Potter

    Providing the perfect bed for Kate Tempest's brain worthy vocals, Handpicked’s bumping production combines punchy beats and cartoon mashup. This tale of process and observation is further enhanced by the rich refrain of Sophie Brown.


    Look At Me | Handpicked
    Written and produced by Daniel Potter
    Mixed and mastered by Charles Smith and Daniel Potter

    When you hear this filthy gritty track you’ll want to go and quiver in a dark corner somewhere. The first couple of minutes just keep building and drawing you in deeper and deeper until your nose is flat against the bloodstained tarmac. It is full of spine chilling, distorted basslines that overpower the punchy beats and the haunting vocal lines. If the first half of the track hasn't knocked you unconscious be prepared for the breakdown followed by some messy beats that'll stop you from dancing and make you want to go home and cry to mummy.


    Borderlands Of Sleep | Handpicked
    Written, Produced & Mastered by The Eightfold

    The Borderlands of Sleep dwells between the listener and its source, through a downtempo dubstep, bringing a circus-like nightmare playing against a sublime experience of the pre-conscious in action, leaving no space for air or despair. Granulated screams, violent snares and relentless beats supports the narrative of the disgust. written and produced by The Eightfold – peppered with darkness.


    Prey | Handpicked
    Written, Produced & Mastered by Dex Lutha

    It's coming to get you, and you can't hide. The first of many offerings of Drum and Bass from Dex Lutha. Starting out with a heavy one this time. A bit old school jungle and a bit nu school dnb, with attitude and a psychopaths twitch..