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Sep 29, 2011
Hello everyone. I'm Milchh (or, Seth, if you'd like to know). I've been a listening to EDM since I was a young lad of 8 years old, however, I haven't gotten into Drum and Bass since just over a year ago. I don't *know* a lot about DnB, since I usually listen to different internet radio stations that offer live mixes, etc. However, I am so inclined to say that I love Goldie, and also a lot of new DnB-- Liquid to be more specific --as well [...but I'm not really a fan of dubstep, at least the newer stuff... the things produced in the early 2000s I enjoy, though.]

I joined this forum to learn a lot about DnB, and to see what's coming out and/ or coming up. Hope this place is acclimating to people like me :)

Fun Fact: I'm a Piano Performance major in college... sure, that sounds fun. :3



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Sep 8, 2009
Slough UK
easy m8,
welcome. not a big fan o dubstep meself but there is a section for that here though (uk underground).
anyways have fun
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