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    Hi there,

    i'm new here and this is my very first post. My Name is Steve, and i do not really produce my own music :D
    I just LOVE to listen to drum and bass - so i decided to create my own dnb compilation and i hope i find some people who think the same way as i do.
    So let me introduce you my drum and bass compilation, it is called " Drum and Bass Auditorium". I already got an Facebook site, where the newest and best drum and bass tracks were posted every day.

    Drum and Bass Auditorium - Facebook Fan Site

    And i do have an Youtube Channel too !. Where i upload drum and bass tracks that are'nt on YT yet.
    Drum and Bass Auditorium - Youtube Channel

    And also on Twitter, yes, i'm everywhere :D
    Drum and Bass - Twitter
    Well, i hope i can find some people, who like my posts and work. And sorry for my bad english :D.

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