Hair - Blue sky's (WIP)

First off, love the intro. I'm a big fan of natural strings in a track, it really sets up the mood nicely. At :28, I would introduce another sound, beit light percussion or even a noise drop/sweep. I like the side-chaining applied to the strings when the sequence changes. Now as for the drums, they're being heavily drowned out by all the strings. I would either low cut the strings, or notch cut the frequencies of the strings that are interfering with the drums -- you want that percussion to cut through the mix. At 2:31, I would either insert a drop, a drum fill – something to break up the repetition a bit. And the snare need a bit more, for lack of a better word, balls. Perhaps layer the snare up a bit more.

Lastly, I find that sometimes with a "beautiful" sounding track like this, adding in a complete opposite sound, say a heavy ass bass synth, can really do wonders and create that "fist in the air" moment. Perhaps consider layering one over that deep cello groove.

This is just my .02. Overall, I think this track is headed in the right direction for sure.

Got some really good ideas going on here, but the mix sounds a little flat. Id try maybe bringing down the levels on the strings and synth and boosting the kick and snare
i think these guys nailed it.
would love to hear some heavy bass on this, but if that's not the direction you're going yeh try boosting the drums a bit *nods*
Wow thanks a lot guys these are some of the most helpfull replys I've received I'sort out the drums for sure as I hadn't spent as much time on them as I had the strings and everything else so I'll e.q them properly and sort out all the levels. Also I'll sort out the sub bass a bit just to help give the drop a bit more impact.

Thanks again :)
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