Haggstrom Be my baby inc Peo de Pitte Rmx Out Now FlatOut


Haggstrom – Be my baby (Remixes)

1 Haggstrom – Be my baby [Peo de Pitte Remix]
2 Haggstrom – Be my baby [Yeah! Woho! Remix]

As a teaser FlatOut Records now releases the stunning remix package of Haggstrom – Be my baby... Original versions will follow!

Peo de Pitte delivers a crazy electro\breaks hybrid which should get some smiles on the dancefloor and Yeah! Woho! goes for a wonkier direction.

Instant Radio 1 support from Kissy Sell Out and here is just some of the feedback:

Andy Gardner (Plump DJs) - I absolutely love the Peo de Pitte remix. Right on the money!
Justin Rushmore (Soul of man/Fingerlickin) - Loving the Peo de Pitte remix!
Sinden - Put me down for the yeah! woho! mix - nice little jacker!
Johnny Vicious - Awesome song.. great vocal...peo's mix is funky as hell, im gonna try it, great to edit into the big room for a break.
General Midi - Peo de Pittes 's best mix to date- killer! Loving it!
NAPT - Yah man! We’ll bang it this wkend. Like the other mixes 2! Big ups!
Baobinga - Dis some good shit! Yeah Peo de Pitte mix is big!
Plaza de Funk - Man your Peo de Pitte remix is fucking massive indeed! BIG!!
Maelstrom - The Peo de Pitte Max is incredibly good, one of the best breakbeat tune out there at the moment bigs up !
Diverted - Peo de Pitte remix is quite simply......SICK!
DJ Icey - Peo de Pitte's Soulwax Flavored remix absolutely Kills it! Massive Monster Tune
Meat Katie (Lot49) - Peo de pitte remix will get a good spanking in the states this weekend.
Rico Tubbs - Yeah sounds wicked!
Nine Lives The Cat - Peo your remix is amazing!!! You really took that shit next level for real!
Kid Kenobi - Yeah Peo de Pitte mix is fat! This is breaks at its best!
Beat Assassins - Big tune - Peo de Pitte remix kills it! Full support from beat assassins!
Elite Force - Peo de Pitte Remix is definitely something I could use on here

One of the best breakbeat tunes that I have heard for a while. Loads of different elements keep the tune moving along at a great pace. Matched with Haggstrom/Pitte’s (the same person) top class production then you just can’t go wrong. Proof that breakbeat can still be innovative and interesting. 9/10
Peo De Pitte seems to be a very popular man these days, getting support from breaks, electro and all in between and justly so. Head straight for the Peo De Pitte remix (and Haggstrom is the same person by the way). This sounds like classic old Plumps (they are big fans too!) ie good time funk fuelled party breaks intelligently crafted and well produced. Chunky proper breaks in the intro give way to breaks/house hybrid with bleeps and squeeks aplenty and inventive vocal edits chopping and bopping, this track just doesn’t let up! Very good indeed! Yeah! Woho! sees more minimal 4/4 action. Expect great things from Peo soon, you mark my words I tell thee. M8/M8
Recently Peo De Pitte aka Peo Häggström from the city of Stockholm, Sweden, was our breaks ‘tune of the month’. Now he returns with another that’d easily take that title again. His trademark combination of rare groove beats and cutting edge synth action has taken on a dusty warehouse vibe in this one, and it’s a killer. 5/5

Haggstrom Be my baby (Remixes) is available at Beatport now. Click on the logo to get it straight away!