Hades Presents : The Alternative Birth Of Jungle 91-94

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    did this mix over xmas and forgot to upload it

    sorry about starting come together at the very end of bad girl...bloody phone calls...how dare people call to wish me happy christmas when i am having a mix!

    feedback, comments etc always appreciated

    hope u enjoy

    oh, and if anyone knows what th euntitled things are, please let me know coz i cant find them on discogs anywhere

    Hades aka Script Presents :
    The Alternative Birth Of Jungle 91-94

    Egyptian Empire (Orig Mix) : Tim Taylor
    Ephemerol (Orig) : Unknown (Tic Tac Toe)
    Trip To The Moon Pt 1 : Acen & Dyce
    I Believe : Mad Ragga John Remix
    Front Line : Front Line
    We Have It : Noise Factory
    Bad Girl : Bad Girl
    Come Together : Edge Of Darkness
    Untitled : Unknown
    Super Hero (Remix 2) : The House Crew
    All Crew (Mix2) : DJ Vibes
    Full Logic Control : Higher Octave
    Nosebleed (Left Nostril) : Pascal & Sponge
    Untitled : Unknown
    Way Of The Future : Emma C & Roach
    X Amount Of Shots : Thomas Hogan & Pascal