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Aug 13, 2003
EZ folks. It's been awhile since my last update...life got pretty hectic personally in the past month. But here you
go with all the latest news, ect. Thanks for checking the site out and we hope you enjoy the updates.

First to start out, Habit 002 (Pyro - "Solitude" feat Shariz / "Mechanoid"), Habit 003 (Rawthang - "Rinsin / Mental")
and Bad Habit 001 (Bad Habits EP Volume 1 feat Dylan, Mindmachine, Mason and Armanni Reign, and Bkey) are out now,
and the responses on them have been great. Habit 004 (Psidream - "Lifestream" / "Orbiting Earth") promos are out
on the streets now, and will see full release June 7th. Rehab 001 (Vector Burn - "Oh Boy" / "Feed") promos come
out May 10th, and the full release should drop June 7th as well. Also coming in the next couple of weeks will be
promos of Habit 005 (Mindscape - "Future Path" (Skynet Remix) / "Future Path"), Bad Habit 002
(Mason - "My Sound" / Dstar - "My Sound"), and Rehab 002 (Pacific - "Autofunk" / "Feels So Right").

All these releases can be checked out under the audio section on the site, either under releases or
dubs .Also added to the dubs section are new tracks from Kaos, Karl K, and Jae Kennedy, Anorganik,
The Upbeats, Vector Burn, Trust, Arqer, and Sinthetix.

New Dubs Added:

Kaos, Karl K, and Jae Kennedy - Miami Vice -
The Upbeats - The Gospel -
The Upbeats - Late Night Fright -
Anorganik - Sent Back -
Sinthetix - Cyclone -
Robby T & Brandon Ivers - Loon Of Doom (Vector Burn Remix) -
Arqer - I Saw U -
Trust - My Sound -

I will be posting up a mix very soon in the mixes section with some killers from from the three labels plus
a few other surprises.

T-shirts, which will be available in the shop section, will also be availble real soon.

Please feel free to drop us a line with your questions and comments anytime. And once again thanks for the support.

Habit Recordings. Worldwide.


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