Habit Recordings News and Site Update

Things have been busy here in the past couple months, and we are excited to bring you this update.

First off as many of you may have seen, Habit 001 (Kaos, Karl K, and Jae Kennedy "Vice / Atheaeum") promos are in shops now, and full release is scheduled for December 18th. December and January will be busy months as Habit 002 (Pyro "Solitude / Mechanoid") and Habit 003 (Rawthang "Rinsin / Mental") will be released, as well as the Bad Habit EP Volume 1 and Rehab 001 (Vector Burn "Oh Boy / Feed"). The future release schedule is starting to shape up as well. Check the individual label pages for full tracklistings.

We are proud to add the likes of Mindscape ("Future Path"), Soulproof ("Untrue"), Pacific ("Feels So Right", "Inferno", "Relapse", and "Century Man"), Origin ("Switchstance"), Skynet ("Future Path" Remix), Chris SU ("Crescent Sun" Remix), and Garon ("System") to the roster. Big things are expected for all these releases, and we are excited to bring them to you. We will be updating the artists section with bio's ect soon. We also have more tunes in the pipeline from Kaos, Karl K, and Jae Kennedy ("Heatseeker"), Noisia ("Untrue" Remix), and Rawthang ("Wake Up"). You can check out the dubs section under Audio for clips of all the tunes.

We also have a few surprises in store so keep an eye out! And another run of t-shirts will finally be out after christmas so check the shop section for those as well!

Respect to all those who have been supporting... you know who you are...

Habit Recordings Crew



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Nice one, I'm looking forward to the rest of the releases in the new year. Managed to get a hold of 'Kaos, Karl K, and Jae Kennedy - Vice / Atheaeum' Nice kick start to the label, & the site looks wicked to :gun: