[HABDUB003] - The Tripodz - WARP (Proktah Remix / Original Mix) – OUT NOW !

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    The Tripodz - WARP (Proktah Remix / Original Mix) – OUT NOW !

    Label: Have-A-Break / HAB Dub

    The original Track "WARP" produced by The Tripodz has been causing a stir in the Drum & Bass scene worldwide. The digital version of the original mix was given away about one year ago to a handful people but it made a circuit all around the world.
    That´s why we reserved this new remix of "WARP" for our treasure chest and are proud to announce it to you NOW !!!

    Besides Misanthrop, Phace & Neonlight, Proktah is the hottest Neuro producer in Germany and always delivers the highest quality in sound.

    These tunes have all what it takes to make it an anthem:
    Epic electro synth edits, a massive bassline, fat orchestral string sounds and rolling drums & percussions - One neuro remix on the A-Side and the original jump-up anthem on the flip.

    Drop this as intro and you can be sure to get everybody on the dancefloor...say no more




    Format: 12" Vinyl
    Label: Have-A-Break
    Cat.No. Habdub003

    OUT NOW !!!

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