Label HAB015 - L.A.O.S. / Madmen & Poets - Star Soul / Inner Fears - Release: 30.10.08

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    L.A.O.S. / Madmen & Poets - Star Soul / Inner Fears


    RELEASE DATE: 30.10.2008 / KW 44

    GENRE: Drum & Bass
    CAT.NO: HAB015
    FORMAT: 12”
    BARCODE: 4018939114275

    A) L.A.O.S. - “Star Soul”:

    L.A.O.S. is a collaboration of three oldschool beatheadz Abraham , D-Bex and JayEM.
    They have known each other for several years but not until 2002 they understood the obvious fact that they should join forces in music production. They share the same passion for music and their taste of music is exceptionally unique. With having had releases on Spearhead, Panda , Future Retro, to name a few, L.A.O.S. deliver another liquid anthem with “Star Soul”! Pulsating beats , groovy basslines & wicked synth edits make this tune very special - pure dancefloor bizness with a lot of soul! "Large Amount Of Soul" do it again….
    Played by: High Contrast, Redeyes, Lomax and many more…..

    B) Madmen & Poets - “Inner Fears”:

    Phunkfictions label head BASS TIKAL & his brother team up together as MADMEN & POETS. “Innerfears” is a deep liquid jem, very musical with a beautiful melody!
    That’s why you can find this tune in the playlists of LTJ Bukem, Calibre & Co. !!!

    Click to listen:

    hab015 A:

    hab015 B:

    Forthcoming 2008:

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    HAB017 - Camo & Krooked - Blow (Shock One Remix / Original Mix)


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