Gun Recordings New Release GUNR004 - Perfect Unknown

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    Sep 24, 2006
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    GUNR004 - Perfect Unknown
    Available Now!!!!
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    Gun Recordings is locked and loaded and ready with it's 4th release. This time around we have Italian badboy Perfect Unknown's 1st release under Gun Recordings coming at you.


    Perfect Unknown - Italy

    A. Perfect Unknown - Body & Soul - <---clip

    AA. Perfect Unknown - Invasion Funk - <--- clip

    If you're looking for future funk with that intense upbeat bassline feel than this release is just for you.

    After a very successful release from GUNR003 where it sat in the top 20 worldwide for drum n bass on's official website we expect nothing less from GUNR004.
    Don't forget all of Gun Recordings releases are still available for purchase.

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