Guide Books, Manuals and Special Edition Mags etc

Right I'm starting to get my head round this production lark and have decided to buy some decent books to sit and work through or use as a reference.

Anyone got any suggestions? Saw one of the CM Guide to Mixing links posted up the other day in another thread and am planning on buying them all on Fri when I get paid, theres one on synths, effects, mixing etc etc. I'm also after some kind of guide to using Kontakt 5 and/or the rest of the Komplete 8 software. Anything that helps with eq'ing would also help as well as general production guides.

I've been playing and teaching guitar and bass for years now so have a reasonable understanding of music theory (chord progressions and scales etc). I just need help trying to get what I've got in my head into cubase and the results I get after searching online often leave me more fustrated than when I started!



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Welcome to the equally frustrating and gratifying world of digital audio production. :)

I'd get to know Cubase first in terms of getting comfortable with the interface. Then move on to EQ–CM magazine has been an invaluable resource for me personally. A few issues I believe have been focused solely on the topic of EQ so maybe pick up some back issues.

One thing I've recommended to many people because of my own personal experience with is I usually by a month subscription ($20 I believe) and they have videos from pros (Olav Basoski for example) that go through their workflow and offer great tips and advice with the different aspects of DAWs and production tools.

Although some of the instructors use varying DAWs, the concepts are universal. It was easily the best $20 I ever spent and has really aided me in making the jump from Cubase to Logic, as well educating me on the finer points of EQing, compression, mixing etc. Their courses also cover a great deal of synthesizers as well as background in synthesis in general.

Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely no pro–but those vids have definitely helped out and have answered many questions I often pondered.

As far as specific books, I'm afraid I'm not much help.

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