GTAR004 - Vibrations EP - 6 track Techy Dancefloor EP out now!


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Also available on iTunes, Beatport, DnB Arena etc

Kicking things off, we’re delighted to bring you Detonate resident DJ Spawn’s debut track, ‘Survival’. An epic intro leads into a hard hitting, dancefloor friendly techy stomper complete with blips, snarling FX and relentless basslines.

Next up, Manchester based trio Data 3 bring a massive chunk of Drum n Bass goodness that will hit the crowd like a scud missile. ‘Dank’s unrelenting bass and percussion switches drive this beast of a tune through twists and turns never losing energy.

Hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria, Techdown brings us an atmospheric Neuro roller. A stunning intro with perfect use of samples gives way to an understated drop which builds and rolls throughout the tune. ‘Revenge I Seek’ is not one to miss if you like things techy and understated.

Fresh from other recent releases on Room 01 and Synergist, Australian duo Hanm and Silent Shadow (f.k.a Reactor) send us this coarse slice of tech destruction. ‘Bamboo’s pleasant and meandering intro is abruptly decimated by blistering purcussion, tearout basslines and constantly shifting pads and FX.

Sl8r is the latest in a string of boundary pushing Manchester producers. ‘AWOL’s unique and high energy intro gives way to a brutal drop with crisp drums and savage growling bass that flows and morphs throughout. Not for the faint hearted.

Last but by no means least, Grand Theft Audio cofounder Echidna (pron. Ek-id-nah) plumbs the depths of depravity and returns with this behemoth of a tune. An airy intro and sinister sample set the tone for a gigantic fist pumping drop. Led by it’s prominent percussion pattern and distorted bass stabs, ‘Expel’ does the business.