Growl/Reece Bass on Virus Ti


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Sep 23, 2015
Hi I would like to create a topic about Growl/Reece bass for Virus Ti users.

I would like to see any links that you may have come across or step by step making Growl/Reece on the VirusTI.
If you have Patches or you know where you can buy, please post links, videos, samples, examples, step by step guides or any other related VirusTi posts.

These that I have found and came across.

Tutorials on Youtube:

Tutorials on DOA:
same with the examples


Patches to buy:


Plasma Colab:

Thank you and I hope you will find this usefull and will contribute as well.
Happy patching DNB heads.



Sep 1, 2015
to be honest the basic hypersaw preset of the ti on a low octave is pretty nice for reeces. ( the basic sound you have when you open the ti plug in )

Record a long note, export in audio, load it up on a sampler, apply some modulation, process the shit out of that thing, but most importantly have fun ! :)
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