Grooverider Sentenced To 4 Years

Grooverider Sentenced To 4 Years
20 February 2008

Radio One DJ Grooverider was yesterday sentenced to 4 years in prison in Dubai. The Protoype Recordings boss and legendary Drum & Bass pioneer has been incarcerated in the United Arab Emirates since November 23rd after being arrested at Dubai airport with 2.15 grams of Cannabis on his way to play a gig at the city's Chi event at the Lodge nightclub.

Grooverider – whose real name is Raymond Bingham – told judges at previous court appearance: “The drugs were in my possession and I forgot I had them in my trousers.” He was convicted yesterday and given the minimum 4-year sentence for drug possession in the UAE, a country where hardline conservative laws are tentatively balanced against the millions of Western tourists who visit the city each year.

Groove's lawyers had tried to argue in his defence that he was unaware of the laws. A Dubai customs official said in a statement read to the court "I searched him and he had nothing illegal on him, but when I searched in his bag, I found marijuana in a plastic bag inside a pocket of his jeans. When I asked him about it he said it was marijuana and that it was for his personal use and he had forgotten it was in his trousers". Drugs are strictly banned in the United Arab Emirates, however there have been several high-profile cases of foreigners being jailed for smuggling small amounts into the country

Groove now has two weeks to appeal against the verdict. One hope is that Groove will gain a pardon as Grammy Winning R&B producer Dallas Austin did when he was arrested in 2006 with 1.26g of cocaine. Meanwhile his long time partner in crime Fabio will continue to present the duo's weekly show on Radio One. Mainstream media coverage of the case has been somewhat sparse, despite his high profile as a Radio One DJ. Groove's absence has also caused him to cancel countless DJ gigs causing problems for promoters all over the world

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wot a shame hopefully he wont stay in jail 4 4yrs he mite lose his talent
what talent? :lol:

but anyways, this sentence is a crime against humanity. ffs, he had the amount of weed you would get fined here in estonia for about 20 euroes (although it is illegal) and who gives a flying fuck about some porn?

those islam freaks :cry:
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