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Simple but nice chords... structure is pretty solid, good variations and contrast between the different sounds.
Overall a pretty nice track, maybe slightly too many elements makes it feel a little disjointed in places

Only thing lacking is the most important part in drum & bass: the bass! The kinda false sidechain/pumping? effect doesn't really work at this tempo and I think a bassline with some long, smooth notes would sound a lot better...

Just my $0.02, let me know if you agree with me :)
Cheers for the feedback man! Means a lot. The disjointed effect is something that happens on my tunes quite a lot, I go a bit overboard with the sound selections sometimes so I can relate to that!
Personally I quite like the sidechaining, it's quite experimental but I'm not the first person to use that kind of thing in a dnb track. Cheers for the opinion, you may be right about the lack of bass, I guess this tune was meant to be a bit of an experiment so it's no surprise that there are a few unpolished elements that stand out!