Label GRINDA + ZIGZAG - Share Dreams LP, Respect Records CD034/DD006


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Respect Records presents:

Share Dreams LP

With each track of the new album by Grinda + ZigZag we plunge into the world of bright imaginations, the space romanticism and the dreams impregnated with warm sensation of today. The abundance of improbable melodic passages, bass groove and expressive drums is a new view of a duo on the creativity. Having achieved own sounding in the previous album, musicians perfect it, opening sides of the talent in an interlacing soulful and cinematic sounds, mainstream and space melodies...

Grinda + ZigZag project is formed by Grigory Martynovym and Nikolay Egorov in January, 2006 after casual acquaintance. Their first track "Alien" has brought many good responses and became the beginning for joint creativity on the parallel between Pyatigorsk and Kislovodsk. With support of dj Gvozd their tracks constantly sound on drum&bass radio show "Pirate Station". Now Grinda + ZigZag are label artists of Respect Records, co-operating with many Russian drum and bass producers and working over new tracks...

1. Grinda + ZigZag feat M4Mind - Winter Road
2. Grinda + ZigZag - Blinding Lie
3. Grinda + ZigZag - Good Night
4. Grinda + ZigZag - Share Dream
5. Grinda + ZigZag feat Sequent Industry - Another Horizons
6. Grinda + ZigZag feat Stunna - Have A Morning
7. Grinda + ZigZag - Frozen Woods
8. Grinda + ZigZag - Get Down
9. Grinda + ZigZag - Mistrust
10. Grinda + ZigZag - Why Not She
11. Grinda + ZigZag - Good Night (Mage rmx)
12. Grinda + ZigZag - Soul Power

date of release: 11.11.2009

written & produced by:
grinda+zigzag, m4mind, sequent industry, stunna, mage

vocals by a-sen & o'neal klein
mastered by home of 1000 sounds

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juno records | chemical records | digital tunes | trackitdown

gvozd, zemine, hfboy & off, filin, a-sen & o'neal klein, m4mind, sequent industry, mage, stunna, family



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