Gridlok - NB007 promos out now

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    Aug 13, 2002
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    Well after a long wait, Nerve Breaks 007 is is finally touching down on vinyl. One of America's top dnb producers Gridlok steps up for his first foray into breaks with stunning results! Dj support has come from the likes of The Autobots, Aquasky, Hedrock Valley Beats and Dj Icey.

    Originally due for release at the start of the year, but delayed time and time again due to distro probs - we're very proud to announce you can now pick up promo's now at and amongst others

    Lofi Mp3s below...

    Nerve Breaks 007 - Gridlok

    (A) "Solarium"
    (B1) "Electric... (Subscience remix)"
    (B2) "Electric Chicken"

    Cheers, Paul