Gridlok - Insecticide - Project 51


Sep 17, 2009

Artist | Gridlok
Genre | Drum & Bass
Release Date | October 2011
Formats | 12″ and Digital
Catalogue | P51UK-24

America’s number one drum & bass producer is about to hit the streets again with a solo outing on his own label: Project 51. Ryan Powell aka Gridlok is no new comer to the game! After releasing his 1st single over a decade ago he has appeared on all the top labels such as Ram Records, C.I.A, Playaz, Renegade Hardware, and Violence Recordings. Not only that but throughout the years he has gained support from some of the worlds finest DJ’s such as Andy C, Hype, Marky, Friction, and many more! Now we turn the pages as USA’S number one is back with two stinking tunes worthy of a rewind.

Starting off the proceedings Insecticide gets the ball rolling. With mysterious vibes, twisted soundscapes, and not forgetting those swarms of killer bees stinging at your ear drums, all before that heavy kick and snare starts piercing those speak boxes. The intro gets the blood pumping and then that dirty sub bass-line kicks you below the waist line. Hard beats and thumping bass is key on this number and will destroy any dance floor known to man! Do not miss out on this soon to be top shelf classic for many years to come as the man like Gridlok never fails to disappoint. (words by DJ Silver)
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