Greyone - Amnesia / Sacrefice [Mindsaw Rec Digital] !!!


Hardstep dnb producer
greyone said:
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Greyone - Amnesia [MSAWD007] (click-listen-buy!)
Greyone - Sacrefice[MSAWD012] (click-listen-buy!)

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Greyone an up and coming Belgium drumnbass producer,
started producing in 2004 at the age of 17. His tracks are
hard & fast with loads of effects , with a big amount of
basskicks and sharp reeses that pierce trough your ears.

The intension of his production is to shock people
and to spread out the sickness of future Darkstep.
In 2006 he got signed by Witness Records . Not much later
Greyone caught the eye of some more labels. In the summer
of 2006 he signed into Nightmare Recordings and Mindsaw Recordings .

In 2007 greyone starts dropping his bombs on Livesets ,
plays next to big producers and signed into "Bug Klinik Records" from Belgium !

Now he's focusing on further production and has some
collabs on the run.
With a fast learning skill and
hughe improvement of his tracks Greyone is getting one of future's most wanted !


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And last but not least , some promo video's from Graz :D

Greyone @ Springseven Festival , Postgarage , Graz , Austria (part1)

Greyone @ Springseven Festival , Postgarage , Graz , Austria (part2)

thanx for all ya bloody support