greets to all

Feck knows how I found this site but chuffed ney. No-one can predetermine their musical taste but it seems that most people follow the "trends" ie can't be arsed to give alternative sounds a space in their ears. Made even harder given my age (43) but at least it pisses the kids off as much as they do with their stuff...Drifted into DnB via a liking for pirate stations in the Midlands who started off with hardcore dance and mutated over the years to wat we know as DnB etc; I won't pretend to be an expert or anything , I can't remember half of the musicians's names which is a pain when trying to trace old stuff.Got a couple of sad claim to DnB fames ; I know a cousin of Goldie's and also a friend of a good friend surprisingly turned to DnB to further his career namely ex PWEI member Clint Mansell.Anyway gonna bugger off now, still,R.I.P R1's John Peel who gave DnB national airing among his other rebellious sounds, always missing him. Booyaka...